Our blog, a new feature for 2016/17, contains all material submitted to EAST. As it grows we hope it will prove an amazing showcase of all that the East Asian region has to offer!


“I snapped this young monk who had somehow managed to climb the smooth, glittering gold Shwedagon Paya in Yangon, Burma. He walked around the circumference 50 metres up a few times; not sure how he got down!” – Alex King


“We went out for dinner and decided to go to the sketchiest place we could find. Far from Bangkok’s Khao San Road, we found a place down a dark little alleyway. The lady at the stall flamboyantly produced the English menu, where we found – unbelievably – platypus on the menu! Naturally we ordered a whole platypus. What came half an hour later didn’t look very platypus-y. Our food that night was the tiny muscle on the jaw of little fried duck heads.” – Chris Cook


“Your archetypal Indian road junction. I took this from the top of the Jama Masjid, Delhi’s huge and elegant mosque. As I watched, rickshaw drivers argued, honked, scraped and knocked their way through the chaos. The stalls at the top of the photo? They’re selling car parts.” – Chloe Hayward


“In Nepal, every bus you take is packed with people – either locals on their mountainous commute or tourists, hippies, hikers and backpackers on their way to ‘the roof of the world’. On longer journeys, the bus will stop so that everyone can eat. My advice: eat where the commuters eat – the food is twice as good, half the price, and there’s always this little pot of spices so that you can adjust your curries to your ‘refined’ specifications!” – Charlie Mees


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