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The EAST Magazine welcomes and encourages contributions to bring our website and print editions to life, and to provide a range of perspectives on the fascinating East Asian region!

E-mail your piece to to see it featured on our website and in our magazine! For article inspiration, see below.

2016 Summer WEBEAST Magazine2013

We are currently accepting article submissions to feature on our blog and in our 2017 EAST Magazine Winter Edition (published January ’17). The requirements are simple: keep it East Asia related, under 1000 words and please send photos separately from your writing.

Did Japan leave you craving more matcha, or were the Harajukju girls more than you could take? Did you use your Holga lomo-camera in its birthplace of Hong Kong? Are you baffled by Chinese business practice, do you want to jump on the K-pop bandwagon, or join Thailand’s year-long mourning period for King Bhumibol Adulyadej? Write for us!

Below are some submission ideas:

  • Articles – on anything at all, so long as it relates to East Asia.
  • Your amazing photographsyou could win our Eye on Asia competition.
  • Pictories – pictures with stories attached: think Humans of New York.
  • Language pieces – if you’re studying an Asian language, share your expertise.
  • Food and drink share your favourite Asian recipe, or a guide of a country’s cuisine.
  • Year abroad accounts if you lived in East Asia for a year (or are currently in the Orient) share your impressions, experiences and reflections.

To submit your article, e-mail it to by the 15th December deadline. Your words, images and ideas breathe life into this magazine and ultimately give a student-led voice to the exciting, ever-expanding world of East Asia.

– EAST Magazine


4 thoughts on “Submit a Piece!

  1. what is the next deadline if I want to write please ? 😀

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